Is there really any difference between marketing to B2B and B2C?

The simple answer is yes and no. B2B (selling business to business) has a lot of similarities to B2C (selling business to consumers). Marketing, no matter who the customer is, involves one common principle; you are selling a product to other human beings. Because of this, there will always be human psychologies and marketing principles involved.

For all marketing situations, you need a clear and strong brand strategy, message, and the right tools to effectively sell to your customers. Much like the difference between selling a bottle of nail polish and selling someone a house, the higher the price tag the longer and more complex the sales process.

There is a strong argument being made that B2B marketing requires a different set of skills from B2C. The argument goes that B2B is based more on logic, where B2C is based more on emotion. This is a bit of a misnomer and over simplification. When you are selling a small simple product, less consideration is required in the purchasing process. However, when you are spending larger amounts of money it makes sense that you take into account a more complex value proposition, mainly because there are higher transaction values. However, at the end of the day the decisions are still being made by humans who a driven by logic influenced by their emotions.

There is however, one major difference between B2B from B2C. B2B marketing can be much more complex and take longer to sell a product because there are fewer direct mediums to know who the key decision makers in a business are and there tend to be more than one decision maker. Because of these barriers, and the fact that there generally is more accountability in the business decisions, other strategies need to be taken into account for effective marketing.

For B2C marketing, while it is considered to be a more simplified process, it plays more on people’s emotions and perhaps more so a focus on benefits rather than features. Features and logic tend to lead to more accountability, and is thus more necessary in B2B marketing.

That being said it really comes down to the basic principle of doing your due diligence in creating an effective marketing piece. Obviously B2B sales requires, in general, the larger amount of data and features, which then need to be translated into an effective, and immersive marketing experience that facilitates sales.

We deal with this level of complexity on a daily basis. From selling luxury candles to direct consumers, all the way to messaging services being sold to businesses, we know how to gather the relevant data, and we live to create stunning, and powerful marketing solutions for our clients in all industries.

So while, we might not focus solely on B2B, we are one of the most capable companies in the world to handle any marketing challenge and we look forward to working with your challenges and turning them into victories. Click below, and contact us to find out what we can do for you.

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