Is WordPress or Drupal a better CMS?

We have been asked on several occasions what is the best Content Management System (CMS), and is WordPress better than Drupal?

As for a CMS, for most users WordPress is much better solution. We used Drupal for past projects with less-than-satisfying results. It is a more complex, time intensive, and engineering focused solution than WordPress. It is substantially less popular than WordPress for very good reasons.

In general Drupal was built to handle multiple server instances when you will be providing tens of thousands of pages of content concurrently. Many years ago this gave Drupal a distinct advantage. However, nowadays many WordPress sites can and do service millions of daily visitors. For WordPress, with the right planning and hosting in place, it can give Drupal a good run for its money.

There is also an argument that Drupal is more secure, but this is a bit of a misnomer. The risk of WordPress is its flexibility, and the ease with which you can add in 3rd party plugins. Obviously, installing 3rd party code can always add risks to a site code. But this is easily remedied with smart choices and secure hosting. Think of it like your desktop computer. You like the ability to install applications you want and need. But if you install bad software, obviously there will be repercussions. But that is not necessarily an issue of the operating system, as more to what is done with it.

I think at the end of the day, if you find a developer who prefers Drupal they tend to be more of a programmer, and less of a UI/UX specialist as its development requires substantially more leg work, and other inefficiencies that people who like to build systems themselves tend to favor. This has a big future cost in that you will be more hard pressed to find someone who can work with and grow your site unless you stay with the same developer. Additionally, Drupal requires manual updates while WordPress updates tend to happen seamlessly, and somewhat automatically (with the right managed hosting) in the backend. Drupal often requires the site to be rebuilt for each update.

There are also very different strategies that need to be planned out such as SEO for the ways the different frameworks function. Drupal can require several additional steps in order to work optimally for your search results. While WordPress can out of the gate with the right plugins serve you are a Ferrari on the internet highway.

We specifically develop with the idea that your site should empower you, and not lock you into a small group of programmers. And while we consider our skills in branding, strategy, and UI/UX unique, the code we develop is never obfuscated or unique. Its developed to the highest level of quality and we create a solution that does not lock you into using us or anyone for support.

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