Realistic & Effective Business Consulting

Great solutions start with a great strategy. Whether you are starting your business, growing it, or looking to sell – you need the RIGHT strategies to succeed. But your strategy is just the first part. As Sun Tzu, said: “Strategy without tactics is the long road to victory. Tactics without strategy are the noise before defeat.”

Our team of experts leverages unique global, experience-driven skillsets aligning your strategies with the right tactics, ensuring you have the best chance to not only succeed but also thrive. And we can help you execute the tactics as well.

So what is a BUSINESS STRATEGY? It is one of the most important words and concepts in the business world. Unfortunately, “strategy” is also one of the most misused and least understood business terms. But even before answering this question, an even more important question is “what is your most important goal?”

For 99.9% of the businesses out there, it is to create profitable customers. So then your business strategy is the generation and application of unique business insights to opportunities intended to create a competitive advantage for your business to create profitable customers. In other words, it is your overall course of action or method for creating profitable customers.

Strategy is about building and sustaining competitive advantages. There are two main types of competitive advantage – lower cost or differentiation. Our team excels at creating competitive advantages through differentiation, and we do it while questioning assumptions to ensure the strategy fits the reality of our clients’ situation.

If strategy sets the direction, then the tactics are the road map. So tactics are specific techniques that help you to get, keep, and grow profitable customers. Business tactics include product, marketing, promotional, branding, channel/distribution, and pricing initiatives and campaigns you develop and then execute in the marketplace. Tactics must be in alignment with your strategy to be effective.

Defining your business strategy will determine the direction of your business, and doing so with clarity will help you achieve your goals, quicker, and more efficiently. Let us help you define your strategy, and translate it into clearly defined, realistic, and effective solutions.

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