Am I running the business or is the business running me?

The fact that you have opened this up and are reading tells us where you are today.

We all feel the pull of the enterprise as it takes our time, shortens our holidays, and occupies our minds. When we do this willingly – we are running the business. When the enterprise does this to us and we are unwilling – the business is running you.

Sure signs you are a slave to the master enterprise.

There is just no time for planning
You cannot remember your last vacation
Your health is declining
Your attitude stinks
In early and out late is a necessity not a choice.
The competition is eating at your market share
Management and Trade articles on your nightstand from two years ago.
You complain about the cost of advice.

How do you fix this? How do you become the master again?

Looks at and document all of your processes. Document what you can, then have someone document what you are doing, you need a critic. Any process that can be automated, or delegated to a trained subordinate – do it.

Modernize your processes.

This does not mean bring in computer programmers. Look for duplication of efforts, bottlenecks, delays, one person pain points of competency, and issues impacting customer satisfaction and address them. Most of all kill redundancy – its a waste of time and effort.

Become customer focused.

What your customer wants and will pay for is all that matters. Work to manage their expectation and surpass those expectations. Step outside your business and look inside – what do you see?

So – you say – who has the time to do all of this? If you are saying that to yourself and you are the business owner, sell your business – get out. If you want to get a better price for your business – do this and sell in a year for more money, that is if you still want to sell. Just take a step in the right direction. Life is short, and with a little help, your business can be back on track, or you can set yourself free of it. Let us help. Contact us today.

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