What is a good SEO strategy?

OK, we know we are going to upset a lot of people with what we are going to tell you in this article, but it needs to be said: Most of the box “solutions” for SEO are complete and total BS.

Why is that? Let’s start by thinking about Google, and what it is. It is a search engine built by some of the brightest minds in the world. Google makes a lot of money from their paid advertising. However, their value comes in delivering relevant content to end users. Therefore, if they do not provide a good solution, then the end users don’t use them, and they don’t sell ads. This is pretty straight forward.

So how does Google constantly evaluate websites to figure out whether or not a website is relevant to search results? Google typically bases the evaluation on the following factors.

  1. If people go to your website and spend a lot of time there, Google rewards you.
  2. If people search for you and find you using specific keywords, Google rewards you.
  3. If people link to you as an authority, and other people follow those links and spend time on your website, Google rewards you.
  4. If your website is mobile friendly, and loads quickly, Google rewards you.

Are you seeing a pattern here? If you create an effective and engaging website using the right technology, and you combine that with good, relevant, and effective content, then you have a website that will optimize. That is, your website will rank high in the search results.

Now, that of course is an over simplification, and ranking does require additional work depending on how competitive the search results are. But the key elements above are the ones that have stayed consistent with Google throughout the changes in their algorithms.

For instance, if a search using 2-3 key words ends up with only 200-400,000 search results, you will rank high with just the key elements mentioned above. However, as it gets more competitive and there are more search results, you must do more to ensure your page is ranked high among the results.

So what does “doing more” mean? Keep in mind a website is a tool. As a tool you can use it to create a place for dialogues, feedback, and other useful purposes. But something has to be done to bring awareness and thus traffic to your site. Whether it is through paid advertisements, affiliates, pavement pounding, or other physical marketing, getting found requires a carefully thought out, customized strategy and the competent execution of the strategy.

This is where we come in. We pride ourselves on creating some of the best websites and tools in the world. We bring together the best technologies, usability, and brand strategy for the ultimate marketing experience. We can put you behind the wheels of a marketing Ferrari, and help you drive it and drive it correctly.

In sum, you can achieve a majority of your needs for SEO through creating the right website first. But there are no silver bullets, and almost no automated solutions for optimization and tools require upkeep and maintenance. With each passing day, the Internet grows more and more crowded and more competitive. What is required is a website custom tailored to your needs, that is a honed tool for you to not just survive but thrive.

So roll up those sleeves. Let’s get you into the driver’s seat of an amazing new website that you can drive to success using our digital strategy.

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