What is in store for marketing and your business in 2015?

We wanted to start the year off by welcoming you to L7 and our new blog. Now that the dust has settled, we thought it was time to take a look at trends and consider where companies are going in marketing.

First, lets look back at 2014. It was a great year for digital marketing. As more and more consumers have come online and become empowered with smart phones, they have also come to demand more from the brands they buy from. And some of these brands stepped up creating the kind of immersive experiences – we live to create!- and that people could only dream of before. Look at large companies such Apple, Geico, and some smaller ones such as the Bulletproof Executive and the Dollar Shave Club Inc.
1) More seamless integration of online and offline consumer experiences.

We have always been a proponent of consistent and integrated marketing experiences for your consumers. With the launch of new Bluetooth technologies and more sophisticated smart phones, it is now easier than ever to maintain a consistent experience across all platforms for your customer.

We expect to see a more seamless integrations that turn physical locations into more experience driven platforms for information and engagement. It is a logical progress, as people become more connected they expect that the brands shop with to be just as savvy and connected. We expect it will take powerfully engaging and meaningful experiences to compel the customer to the register.

2) Micro-targeted marketing.

Now you can follow your customer from social media, to 3rd party sites with your messages and ads. And with the development of micro-targeting technologies such as iBeacons, you can take it a step further and place ads and new experiences right on your customers phones based upon where they are and what they are interacting with.

This technology once only located in larger venues such as stadiums, is coming down in price and complication and will start showing up all over. This will allow brands to push out directly to customers and create “real-time” engagement.
3) Death of social media as we knew it.

Now that most of the social media platforms have realized they, surprise – surprise need to make money. These initially amazing and powerful and once free platforms have realized they need to charge to let you get exposure.

A great example is Facebook. It is constantly tweaking its algorithim, and you have no idea when you post something who or how many people will now see a post unless you pay. On average, users see just 100 of the 1,500+ daily items shared with them, leaving most brands out in the cold.

With other platforms like Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram likely to follow, you will be forced to get even more creative, and likely pay for exposure.
4) Return of email marketing with a more targeted spin.

Like every grate change, the prevalence of smart phones and always connected lifestyle has also lead to people becoming numb to the awesome amount of data they are constantly exposed to. Social media has become more and more competitive, and with the need to pay now, companies are going to find that our good friend the email newsletter will have a renaissance of its own.

With smart lists, and more powerful tools, we can now create even more targeted and relevant experiences just through newsletters. Brands will find that merely sending offers and discount codes will not be enough. These new letters with need to be creative, and more effectively grab these de-sensitized users’ eyeballs and hold them. The beauty is that tied into these new technology trends, you could send a targeted coupon to a customer for a product they were looking at to bring them right back into the store to make a purchase.
5) Better driven marketing through deep analytics

So how does it all come together? Everyone knows that data is king. But this year, more and more high-level analytical capabilities are going to be embedded in applications and core business processes, which, in turn, will be increasingly automated. These tools can leverage data, rules, and algorithms to automate laborious processes and improve the return on marketing spend.

This means that we will have better information, laid out in front of us so that we can make better, real time decisions on how and where to market products.
2015 is going to be an amazing new year. We hope to see you and your brand take it to the next level, and be part of brining amazing experiences and effectively immerse your clients into your brand. And if you are not sure that you are able or ready to do it, just give a call or email and we will be happy to help you figure out a strategy for 2015 on ward.

Happy new year from all of us at L7.

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